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The rules for joining the Granny Sex Lister

Rules for the entry:
  • Only mature-sites are taken up.
  • Warez sides and sides with right-wing extremists contents of or illegal pornographie are forbidden.
  • Our HTML code may not be changed.
  • Minimum 100 hits per day.
  • NO pure "banner sites" or sites only of partner programs consist, announce.
  • Offences against these rules, as well as cheating of any kind lead to the immediate deletion of the account.
  • Placement takes place every 5 minutes.
  • Every 30 days we are set the in and outs to zero.
  1. Only adult, nude or pornographic material.
  2. You cannot use our pictures on your site, whether they have a copyright tag or not, we own copyright to all of them.
  3. You must place a reciprocal link on your website using your personal code and YOUR ACCOUNT ID.
  4. Account (referrals) must remain active or it will be deleted after one week of inactivity.
  5. No auto pop up windows leading back to Grannylister will be allowed.
  6. Please use our banner to link back to Grannylister
  7. We like to keep things as professional looking as possible.

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